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"The ultimate ALL-IN-ONE system for online marketing success"



Hi, my name is Kellen and I just wanted give you some professional insight regarding what I believe this is one of the very best and MUST HAVE tools for businesses today which is what makes it a great income opportunity as well. I've been in business for over 30 years. Marketing/advertising and business services is what I do. I've researched, tried and tested just about every marketing/advertising method there is. "I would tell anyone, if you want to give yourself the best chance for success with any online business, you should have this system whether there's an income opportunity attached or not. Think about this for a second: You're getting everything you need in a system that automates texting, email, voice, ringless V.M. broadcasting and you can even create an interactive TEXTBOT series to thousands along with every resource you need to succeed including an entire back office of tools and success training, all for a ONE TIME FEE at a cost break-down of under $29 per month (in the form of one payment). Other systems can cost $75 - $200 + PER MONTH for the same services and that's ongoing for years.


Comparing other services to Text Prospector, It's really a NO BRAINER."

Even if there wasn't a great income opportunity attached to this system, it is BY FAR the most effective/cost-effective all-in-one system. A lot of people pay hundreds per month for all of these tools. This system also includes TOP LEVEL success training , lead generation methods & resources.

With that, I take all of it to the next level and help every one who joins me with some additional techniques that generate DAILY prospects for this or ANY business. One of the things I also love about this business is, it's designed to create teamwork. Working together increases our success rate. 

MY OFFER TO YOU: Along with what the Text Prospector System already offers, I do all of the following for those who join my team:

  • Ad creation (like the one that got you here)

  • Customized dynamic and/or personalized landing pages

  • Personalized email templates that stands out for follow-up

  • Advertising methods - most effective/cost effect FREE & Low cost

  • Tips on how to streamline your business overall


For system and opportunity overview: click here


Questions? Feel free to contact me anytime!


Kellen Burgos                                                       

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