SHG  follow-up phone conversation - new prospects:

(this is not meant to be a word-for-work script but rather an outline)

Hi (prospects name), this is (your name) getting back to you regarding your inquiry about our business which is Savings Highway Global. 

Where are you located? (point out where you live)


Can you tell me a little about your background and what you do now? 

Did you get to watch the overview video and visit my company website?

What caught your attention about SHG or Savings Highway Global?

  • You'll notice we do something very different that what most companies, opportunities do in that we give you the information UPFRONT vs just trying to collect your name and email

  • Hopefully you had a chance to look over my company site as well

  • We let the system and tools do most of the work then just get everyone's questions answered 

  • We also do some very special things within our group from ad creation to presentation/capture pages just like the one that you visited initially 

  • The MAIN POINT or advantage of this business is, it's the one business where you CAN NOT lose. Meaning, you will, at the very least, get back your investment in savings. So it really creates a RISK-FREE opportunity. 


 Do you have any initial questions that I can answer for you?

As far as the key points regarding the SHG membership, they've taken what people try to do every week, every day, every month which is save on all the things they do and buy, including things like all their monthly bills,  and as one person put it, turned it into "savings on steroids". 

Steve Gresham the founder and the company SHG

  • have been in business for 15 years

  • They're A+ rated with the BBB (very difficult to do for that long)

  • They've built great leverage to get more and more great deals for members

  • It's shopping at your favorite stores or items all in one convenient portal

  • everything is included, from shopping to groceries, buying cars, to insurance savings

  • Then special plans for lowering your daily expenses like utilities, there's a Health Care Plans

  • Then of course there's travel deals that you just won't find anywhere else unless you want to pay thousands for a timeshare.


So the first most important point of all of this is, even before we're talking about the great potential with the business, just the membership alone makes it a situation where you literally CAN NOT LOSE. Meaning, if people just use their membership for all those things they're already trying to save on anyway, you WILL save money. In fact a substantial amount of money every month, every year. 

First, even though there are some people achieving some really big savings, into the hundreds or even thousands on a single transaction like Insurance, buying a car or a nice vacation, etc.,

it's the cumulative effect that really adds up over time. The weekly, daily monthly expenses like groceries, shopping and all of our bills like utilities, TV, internet, etc. That's what has really altered peoples financial status. Saving $5000 - $10,000 per year can be life-changing for a lot of people. 

As far as income is concerned, there are several different ways to get paid:

  • There are actually 10 different ways to get paid

  • It starts with the upfront commissions of 50% that are paid out weekly (50% of $100) 

  • There are several bonuses as your business builds

  • Long term residual income on the memberships

  • Long term residual income a few of the services a couple of the services - like medical plans, and the insurance plans

  • The structure is a forced-matrix so it's automated team-building

With our team, we have some of the top leaders in the country starting with Bill Constain who is direct to the company and the marketing director who did the recorded overview  that you saw.

We do things you won't find anywhere else including:

  • Specially designed capture pages (just like the one that brought you here)

  • Professionally designed ads

  • Some special marketing/advertising techniques including free methods

  • Special tips that help you build your business better, faster

  • We even run ads for people who are serious

  • You'll always have at least a couple people you can go to for help

So all the elements are in place that give everyone their best chance for success and again, it's the one opportunity where you CAN NOT LOSE. If people use their membership, they will save a lot of money. At the very least, cover any cost they would have for their business. No other business can say that which makes the income potential UNLIMITED. 

Let me know if you have any other questions then we'll talk about what we do to get started.