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There are companies that charge as much as $3,500 dollars for

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Are you serious about building a long-term business you can be proud of?

Our services are in GREAT NEED we're growing very FAST. That means we need consultants for our business nationwide (both USA and Canada).

The best news is, we have an entire team of experts who do most of the work for you! We take a "team" approach to helping you build your business which includes lead generation.



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Kellen B.

Executive Director


"I've seen pretty much everything out there for over 30 years. This is one of the best concepts I have ever seen and definitely one of the most important. This is truly life-changing" for people.

We have a great team that does some very special things to help everyone succeed."

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Charles I.

Executive Director


" I have earned access to the MWR Financial Millionaire Residual Earners Club!
I was able to rise through the ranks and accomplished this phenomenal achievement in less than 8 months. I have never experienced anything like this before." 

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Shane & Jennifer B.

Executive Directors


"My wife and I have been in the Network Marketing industry for over 20 years and this is the only company I have ever seen that give everyone a realistic chance to build wealth and maintain it without all the hype." 

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Terrica J.

Executive Director


"My MWR membership helped me reach financial freedom. Before I signed up, my credit score was in the 500s. After submitting my  info into CreditMAX, within 30 days, my score went up over 100 points! This improvement helped me secure $4,500 in tax write-offs.

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Questions? Contact the leader/mentor listed on this page for more details

and what we do to ensure the success of everyone who joins us.

Contact Executive Director: Kellen Burgos at (608) 304-8995