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   We first need to put things into perspective when it comes to starting a traditional business:

  • The average business in America takes over $50,0000 to get started (According to SBA)

  • Rent, inventory, staff, payroll, accountant & expenses 

  • Monthly overhead of thousands or more

  • Average of 3-5 years, just to break even

  • Loans that take years to payoff

  • Commuting costs and time

  • Special attire (wardrobe) 

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Discover a genuine opportunity where $500 - $1000 paydays or more is for real!

Imagine having instant payments of $500 - $1000 sent to you automatically!

How would that affect your life?

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Here's a list of elements that we're all typically looking for in a home based business:

  • Reasonable investment

  • Exceptional products and/or services

  • A fast return on investment & into profit

  • A reputable company that you can count on

  • An automated marketing/advertising system 

  • Residual income that can built over time


Rarely do all of the above apply to one business

   Now let's take a look at a concept that will provide you with everything you need to succeed:

  • Very affordable start-up options

  • Highest value products that prospects receive instantly

  • Instant, direct payments allows you to be in profit FAST

  • A 20 year company that has maintained a A + rating - BBB

  • An automated system that does most of the work for you

  • Residual income built-in to create long-term passive income


   BONUS: We've added in our own "Risk-free Guarantee"

"I will help you navigate the course to success. In fact, I guarantee it"


"That's actually me at the helm of a real ship which makes

for a fun metaphor and I happen to love vintage ships. BUT...

I do have over 35 years experience in business marketing/advertising , helping countless business owners succeed both in traditional and online businesses. 

So not only can I help you succeed, I have put together a very special element

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- Kellen Burgos

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