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Welcome to the Health Alliance Group 

This site has been created as both an agent support system and formula for success for your Health Alliance Network business!

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The Health Alliance Group - Who we are:

"We are a group of experienced business professionals and entrepreneurs from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicity. We are unified by this very special cause and opportunity to make a difference in the world while securing the future for ourselves and our loved ones".  

- The Service (Telemedicine) - 

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It's the #1 reason we're all here. We can see very clearly not just the value of this service but the future impact it will have on modern medicine as a permanent fixture in Healthcare. Telemedicine has already been growing into the "bridge to affordable HealthCare" but a worldwide pandemic has quickly made us fast-forward into the future. Millions have had to utilize Telemedicine and the advantages quickly become dramatic for our service starting with the fact that it's a fraction of the cost compared to all other Telemed services. and we have coverage plans for everyone with NO co-pay, NO deductible and NO per-visit fee.  Ultimately our goal is to have the opportunity to build a business and make a lot of money but it starts with all of the above. 

- HAN Agent Opportunity Overview - 

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Here's why we believe the HAN agent opportunity is one of the most powerful opportunities of our time with unlimited potential:

  • Telemedicine targets one the biggest issues of our time

  • HAN offers affordable plans that no one else can compete with

  • An opportunity to create tru residual income for years to come

  • Modeled after some of the most successful businesses in history

  • A proven company that's acquired 1.5 million customers already

  • a proven system and support in place to help agents succeed

  • Be part of something LIFE-CHANGING for millions nationwide

- Back Office/tools suite - 

As a Health Alliance Network agent you'll receive all of the following:

  • 2 personalized websites (one for promotion of Telemedicine services and one for building an agency team - if you choose)

  • Complete back office suite of tools including contact manager

  • Back office tracking of prospects and commissions

  • A library of professional videos customized for you upon request

  • Professional customized ads, online and offline upon request

  • 24/7 support for any and all of your needs or questions 

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Customizable ads: For all plans and services online/offline available (samples below)

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HAN plan ad - Extended Family - image 1.

Customizable videos: More than 25 targeted to all areas of service and/or agent opportunity (samples below)

- Health Alliance Group - 


(What we do to help every agent in our group succeed)

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First, we're an alliance within the alliance. Meaning, we're a group of independent agents just like you within the structure of HAN. This compensation structure is designed in the mold of some of the most successful insurance agencies in history. It's specifically structured to incentivize agents to work together and help each other succeed but numbers aside, people working together, helping each other, creates a synergy like nothing else. It's the true meaning of "in business for yourself but NOT by yourself". Good people do that automatically and with that, we also have a great camaraderie which makes our business an enjoyable experience. We have very experienced leaders with long track records of success who know how to get the job done and done right. Although the HAN customer support is exceptional, when you have someone on your team who can get you the answers, the direction and support you need, it's invaluable. 

Along with all the tools, websites and support in place the company provides, we take it all up to a higher level. Our group advantages include: specially designed landing pages (like the one you entered initially), pre-designed ads, group ad co-ops and more. Our goal is always to build as effectively and cost effectively as possible. 

- Weekly Zoom Meetings - 

One of our most effective tools is simply one of the best uses of modern technology. When you have leaders who set up, schedule and simply send out an invite link for group meetings, it's invaluable. Zoom has taken the place of conference calls because it's so much more of a connection within a business or group and the communication is so much more effective. Being able to be interactive and working from the comfort of your own home office creates great comeradere, teamwork, motivation and results.

We can also schedule sessions for your interested prospects.

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This team overview page is also part of what we provide for those who join us. 

Please get back to the agent who introduced you the the Health Alliance Network

agent opportunity. Help us make a difference in the world while securing your financial future. Again, thank you for your interest in the Health Alliance Network.  

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