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Frequently Asked Questions


The purpose of this page is designed to be a guide and additional tool to help streamline the process of bringing new prospects without selling and letting the automated system do the majority of the work. Everyone seems to be having a lot of success by simply sending prospects through the system which is great. The only thing that may slow that process down a bit are any questions prospects may have that ARE NOT covered within the automated system. 

1) Do a lot of new prospects sign up through the system without talking to anyone? 

Absolutely, there are some who sign up without even asking a question, there are others that may have a simple question or two that are handled via text or email and there are a few that just want to know there's a real person at the other end that they can connect with. Overall, it's pretty amazing how well the EXITUS ELITE automated system does on it's own. 

2) What countries is the EXITUS ELITE business opportunity available?

This is a worldwide opportunity. You'll notice in our testimonials that we have people all over the world achieving great success!