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Why this is the #1 choice for top online entrepreneurs in todays marketplace!


Over 90% of online entrepreneurs make the same mistakes, over & over again. Here's the real truth about your options:

1) Storefront/traditional business 

  • Average start-up capital of $50K or more

  • Monthly overhead averages into the thousands

  • Work schedule of 60 - 80 hrs per week on average

  • Large learning curve and/or extensive experience 

  • Minimum of at least 1-2 years just to break even

  • Locked into a financial commitment of many years


2) Typical affiliate or MLM opportunity 

  • Less capital required, much lower returns

  • Average commission per sale under $40

  • Must wait to get paid by company each month 

  • Moderate learning curve of products/services

  • Difficult to understand compensation plans

  • Requires large number of sales just to break even

  • Must train, support and guide downline members 

  • Has a failure rate of over 95% worldwide


3) The E1U Digital Franchise

  • Very reasonable start-up cost

  • Very low monthly overhead

  • Minimal commitment of time

  • Very minimal learning curve

  • Get paid100% commissions

  • Large commissions (avg $1000)

  • Get paid instantly and directly

  • System automates the selling & follow-up

  • Large profits allow you to reinvest, build

  • Backed by 20 year, top rated company

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